Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bad Week, Part 1

We took this week off from homeschool because A) it's spring break week in our county so I thought Kendall would want to hang out with friends B) and I wanted to add a line of pot holders and coasters to my Etsy shop. Kendall chose to go to a baseball camp Monday-Wednesday so I took the opportunity to sew like a mad woman. I spent half of Monday sewing. I had some residual things to do from last week first.

Tuesday, I sewed like crazy and went to the grocery store. Wednesday morning I was so excited because I had made great progress and I was thinking that I could have the pot holders & coasters finished, photographed and listed by Wednesday night. As I was driving to pick up Kendall, I got a phone call. It was another mom at baseball camp telling me that Kendall was hit in the mouth with a baseball and that teeth were loose. Nooooooooo, not loose teeth! You see, he just got his braces off a couple of months ago. Also, my little brother was injured in the teeth when he was about 8 and is still having dental work done at age 25. I could just see my money being flushed down the toilet.

When I got to the park, he clearly needed stitches. I rushed him off to the ER, where he received 5 stitches on the big cut inside his mouth. On the way to the ER, I had the presence of mind to call his orthodontist who said to take care of the cut first. He then said to try to put his retainer in and that it would put the teeth back. Riiiight. As soon as we left the ER, I knew that the retainer thing couldn't happen so I called him back. He said to come in and he would see if he could move it back with some more braces. Again, money flushing down the toilet.

The orthodontist waited for us even though his office was closed. When we got there, the office staff was gone. He put braces back on and was hopeful that the teeth would make a full recovery. He recommended seeing the regular dentist for xrays to check for fractures/root/nerve damage. At the end of that, I asked him if they would just send me a bill since the office girls were gone. He told me that he was not going to charge me for the braces. WHAT?!?! I couldn't believe it. How generous and kind. I want to do something for him but I don't know what. Suggestions? The next day we saw the regular dentist and there is no root or nerve damage, thank God.

I did not take photographs of the injury. It was gross.

Part 2 of my bad week is coming shortly!

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