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My name is April and I am a 5th-generation native from Marietta, Georgia and work out of my home in Marietta. I have been sewing since I was 9, which makes that almost 20 years. I have always had a passion for beautiful fabrics, sewing and turning practical boring items into pretty & practical! I use only high-quality quilter's cotton or home d├ęcor weight fabrics in my items. I love to sew and am so glad to share my work with you.

I am available any time to answer your questions! Feel free to call or email me:

April Forshee

Q: How long does it take to fill an order?
A: It really depends on how many orders I have at the moment, but it is usually no more than two weeks.

Q: Will you send me a free product to review on my blog?
A: No, I will not. You are welcome to purchase a product for review, but I cannot give away free products at this time.

Q: Where do you get your fabrics?
A: I have developed my list of suppliers over the years through trial and error and lots of hard work. Because of this, I don't divulge the names of my suppliers. I would be happy to supply you with any of my fabrics. Contact me and I will get you a price.

Q: What goes in to the price of your items?
A: Many Many Many things. Materials, time, advertising, machine cost & maintenance, taxes, etc..

Q: Are your prices flexible?
A: The only prices that are flexible are handbags. I can leave out different features, thereby reducing the cost of the bag. Just ask and I will tailor the bag to fit your budgetary needs!

Q: Do you take custom orders?
A: Yes! These are my favorite things to do because it breaks up the monotony of making the same items over and over! If you see an item you like but want it in a different fabric, just ask. I will be happy to create something special for you. If you want a different type of item but I don't have one in my shop, chances are that I can still make it and have made it before. Again, just ask!

Q: Do you accept wholesale or  consignment orders?
A: I do not participate in consignment, but I will accept wholesale orders at a 10% discount from my listed prices.  The minimum order is $150 and product will be delivered within 6 (six) weeks.