Monday, August 30, 2010

New Salem Mountain Festival

NSMF BrochuresI am happy to share that Forshee Designs will have a booth at the New Salem Mountain Festival in Dade County, GA this year! Dade County is where my husband is from, so I'm sure to have lots of family and friends stop by!

From the festival brochure:

The New Salem Mountain Festival started as a celebration at the changing of the seasons from summer to autumn – some people think the most beautiful time of the year – when brilliant color of the trees provides a glorious background for beautiful and exciting works of art.

The Mountain Festival emphasizes quality. Artists, craftsmen, and musicians – many local are carefully selected from the best agent available. You will discover here many visual arts – paintings in oil, acrylic, and watercolor; pottery of earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain clay; quilts made in our own community by internationally appreciated quilters; other textiles; weaving and stuffed toys so well made as to warrant people calling them “soft sculpture.” There will be woodwork, jewelry, and various other works in traditional expression and in experiments with newer artistic, industrial arts.

The purpose of the New Salem Mountain Festival is… to be a FESTIVAL, an organized effort to bring together a variety of art, crafts, music, dancing, so that each member of the family can share special pleasures to delight the senses.

Today, in our world of changing experiences, what was once community – held traditions have in many instances been lost to factory work and dehumanized processes. Now it often takes a special effort to locate fine objects made by folks at home. Our efforts are culminated in this our Mountain Festival, and we invite you to come and enjoy the beautiful made–by– hand works and their makers that we have gathered in celebration.

If you want to know more about how you can participate write George “Doc” or Faye Nichols, 805 Cherokee Trail, Rising Fawn, Georgia 30738. Telephone (706) 398-1988. Email: Fax (706)398-1988.

Fun for the old and young, come spend the day. Food and drinks on the grounds. Food booth sponsored by the New Salem United Methodist Church.

October 9 & 10, 2010

Saturday – 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Sunday – 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

(E.S.T. each day)

Admission - $5.00

Children under 12 FREE


The New Salem Mountain Festival is located on top of Lookout Mountain between Trenton and LaFayette, Georgia, at the New Salem Community Center, 12477 Hwy. 136.

NSMF Brochures-2

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Koozies Are Here!

Pictured below is a can koozie. They can be embroidered on one or both sides. I love mine!

They are $8.50 and include basic embroidery (see Embroidery Services for other options) on one side, $10.00 to have both sides embroidered (both sides do not have to be the same)! Shipping is $2 for one and $0.50 for each additional koozie. As always, people in GA have to pay sales tax which is 6%.

Also available are beer bottle koozies! I'll be getting some photos of those up soon!

Can Koozie--Name

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

French Seams & Zippered Pouches

I make small zippered pouches/coin purses/whatever you want to call them. I have not been happy with the way the interior ends up. So...I took a look at one of my Vera Bradley (yes, I still have VB things even though my stuff is a lot cuter and I can make something for myself) coin purses and AHA! French Seams! So I studied it for 2 minutes, and I was able to replicate the way they are put together. Easy enough. I will definitely be using this technique from now on because I was soooo happy with the result.

Enjoy the photos! This pouch is a specific size (5" x 7") that my mom requested. I think she's using it for receipts. Oh, and it matches her purse that I made for her!
Custom Purse
French Seam Zippered Pouch
French Seam Zippered Pouch

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Embroidery Designs

I have been working on getting some burp cloth/onesie/bib set examples done for you to see! They are turning out quite nicely. Look for the photos to come in the next week or so.

Also, I bought these these the other day:
Breast Cancer Ribbon
Flowers 2
Flowers 1
Flowers 3
Turtles 1

Monday, August 16, 2010

Contest Winner!

You lucky, girls, you! Whenever I host a giveaway, I usually post about the giveaway on many other giveaway blogs. Well, I was busy and lazy this weekend so I didn't. That left my giveaway with 10 entries, which included multiples from a couple of entrants. My laziness=better chances for you!

And the winner of the coin purse giveaway is Robin Stallings!

She was chosen at random by the random number generator at
2010 08 16 Contest Winner

Congratulations, Robin!

College Football is Coming!

How great are these aprons for tailgating or grilling out on game day? Or every day?! These aprons are one size fits all with adjustable neck straps! You can even add an embroidered name or monogram for the perfect personalized game day apron! I can get other teams' fabric so please let me know what team you'd like! Most larger universities' fabrics are available.

Team aprons are $25 ($55 if you want a UGA one...just kidding...Go Jackets!...not kidding about that!) and to add a name or monogram is $6.50. Shipping is $3 for the first apron and $1.50 for each additional apron. 6% sales tax will be added for Georgia residents.

GT Apron
UGA ApronUGA Unisex BBQ Apron 2

LSU Unisex BBQ Apron
Clemson Apron

A New Look!

On Friday, I discovered that blogger actually allows more than one page on a blog. Awesome! I can have my own little complete information station right here! So I set to work...I got a new background design and I added some pages. My intention was to have a tab for all of my services with pricing, photos, etc. It was going to be fantastic!!! Turns out, however, that these additional pages do not allow any of the fancy blogger gadgets that the main page does. It would add the gadget to every page and I didn't want that! So I mentioned my woes to my husband and he went to work. I did not ask him to do this at all. I even told him not to worry about it because it was taking so much time.

I think, in all, he has probably spent about 10 hours figuring out the code to pull my photo sets from Flickr into those extra pages. I am so grateful that he did this because it looks AWESOME!!! The only page that still needs some work is my Product Pricing page. The only issue is the pricing difference between purchasing from me directly or purchasing through Etsy. I don't want to charge everyone the same. I have a plan, though, so no worries! It will be finished later today I believe.

So check out the new tabs at the top and tell me what you think!

Also, I will be posting more personal stuff on this blog. Maybe you already know me, maybe you don't. I like to read about different peoples' lives so I assume that other people want to know about my life. Thoughts?

And go enter my giveaway....HERE.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Giveaway Time!!!

It's time for a giveaway. Enough said, right? This one is a small zippered change purse. OR you can put whatever you want in it. I use mine to hold my debit/credit cards. Scroll below the pictures to see the rules.

WEB Small AB with Yellow-3

WEB Small AB with Yellow-4

1. You must leave a comment below for one entry.
2. You must follow me on Twitter ( for an additional two entries. Please leave a separate comment saying that you follow me on Twitter.
3. Include your email address in your comment so I can tell you when you win.
4. Contest open to US and Canada only and closes on Monday, August 16 at 5pm EST.

Happy Winning!