Tuesday, August 24, 2010

French Seams & Zippered Pouches

I make small zippered pouches/coin purses/whatever you want to call them. I have not been happy with the way the interior ends up. So...I took a look at one of my Vera Bradley (yes, I still have VB things even though my stuff is a lot cuter and I can make something for myself) coin purses and AHA! French Seams! So I studied it for 2 minutes, and I was able to replicate the way they are put together. Easy enough. I will definitely be using this technique from now on because I was soooo happy with the result.

Enjoy the photos! This pouch is a specific size (5" x 7") that my mom requested. I think she's using it for receipts. Oh, and it matches her purse that I made for her!
Custom Purse
French Seam Zippered Pouch
French Seam Zippered Pouch

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