Tuesday, February 21, 2012

{Sewing} Coupon File Organizer Clutch

My second pattern is out and available! The theme of my business is "Practical & Pretty," and this clutch is exactly that.

Originally named the Coupon Clutch, I've realized that it is much more than that. Its new name, Coupon File Organizer Clutch, encompasses the many ways that this clutch can be used! I'm currently using mine to file coupons, loyalty cards & receipts. It's much better than overstuffing my wallet with things I only use every so often!

Coupon File Organizer Clutch
Coupon File Organizer Clutch PDF Sewing Pattern

Within the pattern, you'll find all the pattern pieces you need as well as templates for 4" x 6" cards so you can file and organize to your heart's content! No need to go out and buy cards, you can use what you have lying around to make your file cards!

You can head over to the shop to see the details such as delivery details, fabric requirements and dimensions!

If you don't sew, I have finished Coupon File Organizers available for purchase!

Monday, February 20, 2012

{Sewing} Something For Me!

Guess what, folks...drumroll, please...I made something for myself. Shocking, I know. I was recently gifted an iPad and really wanted to be able to take it with me wherever I go. I don't really do small bags, so I knew that I needed to design a big bag that would suit my needs. Here's what I came up with:

2012 02 Forshee, April -1
The pockets on either side of the exterior are the perfect
size and give easy access to a smartphone.

2012 02 Forshee, April -5
Zippered Top--This is the 1st time I had done this and it was easy!
I got my instructions from Lisa Liam's Bag Making Bible.
2012 02 Forshee, April -7
A row of interior pockets
2012 02 Forshee, April -6
And a zippered pocket that runs the width of the bag...I didn't
have two of the same color zippers and that bugs me to death!
2012 02 Forshee, April -8
And my trio of matching goodies! Tote, Zippered Pouch, iPad Sleeve

The dimensions are roughly 17" tall x 14" wide x 4" deep. It's quite a large bag. The only thing I would change is that I would make the strap adjustable and able to go cross body. It was quite a shoulder breaker carrying all my stuff + my dSLR + iPad, etc.. Fortunately I used those little hardware rectangles, so the strap can easily be changed!

Me being my fancy self, designed the bag design myself. It's not really that fancy, though. It's just a square bag!