Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Koozies Are Here!

Pictured below is a can koozie. They can be embroidered on one or both sides. I love mine!

They are $8.50 and include basic embroidery (see Embroidery Services for other options) on one side, $10.00 to have both sides embroidered (both sides do not have to be the same)! Shipping is $2 for one and $0.50 for each additional koozie. As always, people in GA have to pay sales tax which is 6%.

Also available are beer bottle koozies! I'll be getting some photos of those up soon!

Can Koozie--Name


  1. I think I'm going to need this...since it has my name on it already!!! :)
    Serious question many letters can you fit? And do both sides have to say the same things?

  2. @April I can fit as many letters as you wish, I can even use multiple lines for more than one word. The more letters that go on the space, the shorter they will be. Both sides do not have to say the same thing.