Saturday, April 16, 2011

Laptop Sleeves, Coming Soon!

Back in February, I posted photos of the laptop sleeve that I made to match my Cosmo Bag.

Here are some photos of the sleeve I made for my friend Tessa (She is a fabulous photographer. If you are in or near Atlanta, she is your girl!) for her birthday this year:

2011 02 10 Laptop Sleeves-5

2011 02 10 Laptop Sleeves-4

2011 02 10 Laptop Sleeves-6

I didn't like the way mine sort of stuck out, so I changed the closure from a magnetic snap to velcro to streamline it a bit.

The sleeves that will be in the shop will have an exterior pocket to hold file folders, cords, mouse pads, etc.. I am working on getting samples sewn up and photographed this week. They are available for any size laptop (including Netbooks/iPads/Kindles/Nooks/etc.) They should be in the shop by the end of April!

SHOP UPDATE: 70% of the items in my shop are now ready to ship. My goal is to move more toward everything being ready to go, and I have made more progress than I anticipated! I still have plenty in my clearance section as well. The widget below is a little slide show of my clearance section:

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