Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{Homeschool} Fighting Laziness

My impression of the homeschooling mother’s world (judged solely by what I read on blogs) is that everything is peaches & cream. Well, I am a realist and things are rarely peaches & cream. This is a “don’t ask me if I like homeschooling this week because I have the private school application halfway filled out” kind of a week.

Patience evades me when it comes to laziness. Why do something WRONG the first time when you’re just going to be sent back to do it correctly, thereby completing the assignment twice (or sometimes even three times)? This infuriates me because it is such a waste of time. I was not this type of student, and I cannot wrap my brain around why someone would do this. Now, I am not talking about getting a math problem or two wrong. I’m talking about the part where I read the instructions to the boy, the instructions that say WRITE IN COMPLETE SENTECNES, and he comes back with something not even close to ONE subject and ONE verb. He’s in 5th grade, folks, he knows how to write a complete sentence.

Don’t even get me started on the “I can’t find my book” nonsense.

Is there a patience pill somewhere or do I just need to start drinking wine at 9am? What do you do to conquer laziness?

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