Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Style Stitches Challenge--January

For January, we are to make the Cosmo Bag from Chapter 1 of Amy Butler's Style Stitches:
2011 01 01 SS Challenge Cosmo

I think that this bag will be my new computer/carryall bag. I have plans to add some different pockets than what's indicated in the pattern. I have lots of things I must carry, you know. I'd like pockets for my: Mouse, handheld GPS and cord, mouse pad, iPods (yes, I have two), iPod cords, computer charger, pens, notepads, SD cards, etc.. Because I might need all of those things at once and must carry them all at all times, right? Anyway, the bag is big enough to carry a small farm so I shouldn't have an issue. I just have to make sure that the pockets are the right sizes and that I reinforce all the seams. I'd hate for it to break, causing all of my pretties to go crashing to the ground!

I've already traced my pattern onto freezer paper and labeled/marked all the pieces. Now, the most difficult part, I have to choose some fabric. I bought some corduroy from Melanie at Above All Fabric a while back, just for the purpose of making a computer bag. I'm thinking that the lining will be hot pink and want to try to find some matching orange Kona cotton for the handles. If it doesn't match almost exactly, I will go with brown.
2011 01 05 SS Challenge Fabric Choice

Do you have any other ideas about handles? Or what else I should put in my bag? I guess I could carry around my little dog, huh?

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  1. I *almost* bought that book. It seems like the patterns require a ton of interfacing and for some reason that turned me off. But that bag does look huge, and I do so like a huge bag, and I have some awesome japanese cotton/linen to use.......
    I may have to join you in this sewalong. I just have so many projects going, I may be sloooooow!

    I love the fabric you chose. Gosh, there are lots of cool colors in that design you couldn't go wrong with any of them.