Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Labels: Important Business Tool

A few days ago, a lady won one of my items in a door prize basket. I attach my labels to EVERYTHING I make, and she went to my website to see what else I had to offer. She then emailed me to tell me how much she liked it and then inquired about a custom item. She also took it upon herself to share my website with her friends.

Why is attaching labels a MUST DO?
It's like adding a permanent business card to your item! It gives the owner of your item instant access to your information. If a friend asks them where they got the item, the information is right there. No more, "Oh I have their business card somewhere...". Remember that people love, love, love instant gratification and getting your information into their hands immediately is NEVER a bad thing.

Why not just include a business card or two in my packaging?
The short answer is that people throw business cards away or lose them. Include them anyway, though. Business cards are important to have, but they are pretty much trash.
2011 01 20 Black White Hexagon-1

Where can I get labels?
Etsy has many many options for labels, not just for fabric items like mine. You can get custom sticker labels printed also! The labels I use are woven and look just like something you would find inside clothing and purses in stores. They are professional and people always comment on how cool they are!
Camera Strap Covers

Now, let's go through the scenario with the nice lady from the first paragraph had I not attached a label. ***crickets chirping*** That's right, there is no scenario then. Maybe she loves it and tries to find out where it came from, but eventually she would have lost interest and just enjoyed her item.

Another scenario: Attaching a business card w/ribbon, no permanent label. Since the purchaser of this item was not the end user, there is no guarantee that the end user knows where their item came from. The purchaser could have removed it before giving the item away. With this scenario, it ends with the end user either not knowing or throwing your card away once they've unwrapped it.

The scenario from paragraph one is ideal. This will not happen with every person. You may not know that it happens either. If I spent $80 on 600 custom labels and I get 2 new customers from that, it's worth it.

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  1. You are SO right. I am constantly surprised when people sell handmade items and don't have a label.
    I bought a lovely crayon case on Etsy and when I wanted to order another, was SO GLAD there was a label. I had long since thrown away the business card and coupon code that came with the item.
    You smart business lady!