Monday, January 10, 2011

10 Years Old--Where Did the Time Go?

My boy turned 10 on January 3rd! This makes me feel old. In 5 years, he will learn to drive. Holy smokes!

2011 01 10 Kendall Birthday-1-3

Since we're homeschooling now, I decided that he could invite some boys over to play & eat since he misses his friends a lot. Four boys came over and they played games, played outside, had pizza & cake.
2011 01 10 Kendall Birthday-3

2011 01 10 Kendall Birthday-1

They couldn't believe that I made this cake! They loved it! Do people not make cakes these days? I hate the cakes at grocery stores! Gross!

My aunt and uncle came over to lead some indoor games. The best game of all involved a shower cap covered with shaving cream on my uncle's head. The boys were supposed to throw Cheetos at his head to see how many they could get to stick.

2011 01 10 Kendall Birthday-2

When it was almost time to go, I had them open their goody bags because I wanted to see if they really liked the pencil pouches I made them with their first initial embroidered.

2011 01 10 Kendall Birthday-1-2

They were a hit! Again, they could not believe that I sewed these pouches! They even complimented my fabric choice. I couldn't have asked for a better reaction. I'm thinking these would be a good addition to my shop, no?


  1. April! I like homebaked cakes too! Great job on the pencil patches. Too cute! You have the cutest son. Are you going out in the snow today?

  2. Your son is adorable. I think those pouches look terrific. Nice!

  3. So handsome! Happy birthday! I am okay with grocery store cakes for some things, but a loved one's birthday ALWAYS called for homemade. I love the pouches - guitar print is great.

  4. Cool pouches! Love the fabric.