Friday, June 22, 2012

The Best Two Days

My family loves roller coasters. The bigger, the better. Nothing is too fast or too tall. This love started when my brothers and me were small. My parents would take us to Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH to let us ride. Ever since then, we have made the trip every couple of years or so. It gets better every single time.

Cedar Point is the park you see on the Travel Channel. You know, the one with all the record-breaking coasters. I remember when Magnum opened (I was 7) and it was the tallest one in the world at 200 feet. Now, the tallest in the world is over 400 feet. Top Thrill Dragster is the second tallest in the world (420 ft.) right behind Kingda Ka (456 ft.). I rode the Dragster when it was the tallest coaster, so I'll count it. Kingda Ka is in NJ and opened two years after Dragster. Best 17 seconds of my life. Promise.
2012 06 Cedar Point: Top Thrill Dragster
oh yeah!

I'm not going to go through every coaster, but I will tell you about our trip. Cedar Point launched its new Fast Lane program this year. Basically you pay $40 on top of your ticket cost to go in a queue that skips all the others in line. Now, before you get to the sticker shock of $100/day at a theme park, I will tell you why it is worth it to buy these passes.

Usually, if it's a crowded day, you will wait 2 hours to ride the bigger coasters. With the Fast Lane passes, we were able to wait about 4-5 minutes for each ride, if that. On past trips, we probably got to ride everything once. This trip, I lost count how many times we rode our favorites. We bought the passes for our first day, thinking we would be satisfied with that. Once we waited in line for 30 minutes on our first ride on the second day (one day is NOT enough), we had been so spoiled that we immediately purchased passes for the second day.

I could write for an eternity about how much I love Cedar Point, but I will spare you. If you love rides, go. NOW.

To see my full set of horrible phone pics (no way was I toting around my big camera), click HERE.

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