Sunday, October 30, 2011

Coupon Clutches

I had been meaning for a while to make something for myself to organize my coupons, but it took someone asking me to make something like that for me to actually do it. I really should sew for myself more often. I thought a lot about the design of this clutch, even going through two prototypes. Usually knowing exactly how I want an item to function, I can usually design on the fly. Not this time.

Now, I am NOT an extreme couponer. I think it's ridiculous that people hoard stock so much stuff in their homes. I have a family of three people and do NOT need that much stuff! I just look at the ad for a couple of stores and if there is something I use normally, I make a note of it and go get it at some point during the week.

Here are my two go-to sites I use to look at the ads and available coupons:

Southern Savers
Coupon Mom
I designed this coupon clutch to fit 4" x 6" tabbed index cards snugly at the bottom. I added extra room at the top, allowing for ease of filing through coupons. The button/elastic closure allows room to fill ‘er up with lots of money-saving coupons! Included with the clutch is a set of 10 manila heavy cardstock dividers.

~Dimensions: 2” deep, 5.5” tall, 6” wide at the bottom, 9” wide at the top
~Interfaced with heavy duty stiff stabilizer
~Fully lined
Coupon Clutch-13
Coupon Clutch-15
Coupon Clutches by Forshee Designs

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