Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Apple Picking

On Sunday, we (me, my mom, my dad and my son) headed to BJ Reece Apple Orchards for some apple picking & fun.

2011 10 Apple Picking-1

First, we shot the apple guns. Basically, it's a tube with an air compressor hooked up to it. The nice young men who work there would load them up and all you'd have to do is aim, push a button and watch the apples fly!


Then, we picked some apples. We had to use a ladder to get most of them, but it was well worth it. The apples being picked that day were Rome Beauties. The work was well worth it and you can really tell the freshly picked from the not so freshly picked.

The orchard also has a petting farm with huge turkeys, goats, puppies, roosters & a baby cow! There was also a baby goat that I immediately fell in love with. I've wanted a little goat for a long time (I'm pretty sure my county doesn't allow such residential areas to have livestock, though) and seeing that cute little face just set it in stone. My husband thinks I am crazy.

We then headed to do some shopping. Fried apple pies, cider, local honey (supposedly helps with allergies), and apples (duh) were on my list. I didn't get any cider, though, since it had to be refrigerated, and we weren't going straight home.

After buying all the apples, we sent the boys (my son & my dad) on the hay ride. I wasn't even going to go near that thing...I'd be sneezing for days!

2011 10 Apple Picking-2

Here are some other photos I took that afternoon:
2011 10 Apple Picking-32011 10 Apple Picking-42011 10 Apple Picking-52011 10 Apple Picking-6


  1. Looks like you guys had some fun! :-)

  2. Happy, Happy Fall days! :)

  3. Try disjuncture for your allergies. I did 3 sessions and I am great now! Used to be a daily allergy tablet taker.