Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Etsy Embroidery Supplies Shop!

I've looked on Etsy before to purchase supplies to use with my embroidery machine and the only thing I found was random people unloading what they didn't want out of their personal stash. Hello opportunity! I immediately reserved the username Embroiderysupply!

It has taken me several weeks to photograph the threads and get them ready to list. Who knew that editing colors to get them just right would be so time consuming?

Anyway, the shop is up! Click here: EmbroiderySupply on Etsy.

Here's what I have in stock (even if it's not listed yet on the site):
Sulky 40-weight Rayon thread, 1100 yard mini king cone, $4.80 (retails for $9.50)--color card here
Polyester 40-weight thread, 1100 yard mini king cone, $5.50 (retails for $10)--color card here
23" wide by the yard 1.8 oz (med. weight) tearaway stabilizer, $1.5/yard (retails for $2/yard)
10" wide by the yard Solvy (the stuff you put on top of towels, etc. when you embroider, $1.10/yard (retails for $2.75/yard)
7"x7" Solvy die cuts, $2.75 per set of 30 (these are not available in retail stores that I know of)

You can email me at aprilforshee{at}gmail{dot}com if you need anything or you can buy through Etsy!

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