Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Sewing Room

Here are some photos of my sewing room, in case you are interested! The color is Fame Orange from Sherwin Williams. It's much brighter in person!
2010 07 29 Sewing Room-1-2
My table with my machines: embroidery, serger, regular machine. Nothing fancy at all.

2010 07 29 Sewing Room-6
All my stuff. Scrapbook albums, fabric, sewing project queue, scraps, buttons. Everything.

Embroidery Thread and Regular Thread
Embroidery Thread & All Purpose Thread

My Vintage Sewing Box
My vintage sewing box that my husband scored on eBay when we were just dating.

Cutting/Pattern Table / Desk
My cutting table/desk.

Homeschool Area
My son, Kendall, at his desk doing his math classwork. This is where we homeschool.

2010 07 29 Sewing Room-1
Another view of the cutting table/desk and the machine table.

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