Friday, March 30, 2012

Play Time!

As a kid, I remember loving to run around in the yard, getting sprayed by the lawn sprinkler. Here at the Forshee house, we take it up one level. We just get out the hose. I mean, why not? It's fun and I get to spray my kid who thinks that's fun and not a way to get out my frustration! **Evil laugh**
2012 03 27-17
We more or less got to skip winter this year and for that I am grateful. The past two winters have been too cold for me. All of you northern people, quit laughing at me! Yes, all of our winters are mild by comparison, but I am  not built to withstand anything below about 40F. I don't do snow. I don't do coats. I barely do tolerate shoes that require socks.
2012 03 27-16
It's still a tad cold to be outside playing in the water for me, but I guess kids don't care! I never did!
2012 03 27-15
2012 03 27-14

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  1. We had nice weather (70's and up) for awhile but it's back to being chilly. Today it was in the low 40's and rainy. So needless to say, I'm jealous!

    On another note, I forgot to mention that Lillian is using the coupon clutch to hold all of her markers. :)