Friday, June 24, 2011

Key Chain Clutches

I just added a bunch of these to my shop! They can be purchased by themselves, with a wrist strap or with a lanyard. They are available in any of the fabric choices in my Flickr Set: Fabric Choices.

They are perfect for carrying cash, cards and will even fit a lipstick or lip balm in there with the cards! I like to use these when I go grocery shopping (especially going to Costco). I just put a lanyard around my neck with a Key Chain Clutch and go. Without having to take my purse in the store, I don't have to stay near my cart. I am free to move about! It's also convenient at checkout, especially if I'm using the self checkout.

Now for the photos!

2011 06 24 Keychain Clutch with Wristlet-3
Keychain Clutch with Wristlet in Mod Floral

2011 06 24 Keychain Clutch-2
Keychain Clutch in Mod Floral

2011 06 24 Keychain Clutch-12
Keychain Clutch, Back, in Cosmic Floral

2011 06 24 Keychain Clutch with Lanyard-9
Keychain Clutch with Lanyard in Black & White Hexagon

Clutch, $12.50
Clutch with Wrist Strap, $16.50
Clutch with Lanyard, $21.50

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