Friday, April 6, 2012

{My Garden}

Last year, I was successful in keeping two plants alive and producing: Cherry tomatoes & basil. This feat made me think that I can add more plants to my list of responsibility.  I knew I wanted to keep this project contained to my back deck so that I would not have to tromp through the yard to go water a garden. So, a container garden on the back deck it is! Another reason I like this idea is because I can use potting soil. No soil testing, augmenting, tilling, etc. Just pour & plant!

Here it is:
My Garden
Top from left to right: Dahlia, Basil & Rosemary, Cherry Tomatoes
Bottom from left to right: Bell Peppers & Jalapenos, Cucumbers, Salad Greens & Spinach

My Garden Gnome
This guy is going to tend to the basil & rosemary.

My Garden--Salad Greens & Spinach
I'm pretty excited to be able to go pick my salad when I want one!

My Garden--Tulips
My Garden--Tulips
And some pretty tulips that were in the front yard!

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  1. My kind of garden! I have lots of doing the same this weekend. Happy Easter!