Monday, September 20, 2010

Facebook Fan Page Maintenance

This is just a quick post to explain how Facebook Fan Pages work. Or don't work, for that matter. They are not the same as regular Facebook personal profile pages. Oh no, that would be too easy.

When someone writes on my wall, comments on a wall post, comments on a photo, comments on a comment on a photo or wall post (you get the idea), FB fan pages DO NOT send notification to the administrator of that fan page. Unless...the admin "likes" everything on their page. Then the admin looks like they just love themselves to pieces.

As far as photo comments go, there is a page the admin can go to to view the comments made on the photos. They are not in order of date of comment, they are in order in which the photo was posted. Yikes. So if I posted a photo 6 months ago and you just commented on it today, it would be put with the other photos that were posted 6 months ago, not with today's comments. I have to go and fish for these comments, checking my photo comments daily.

As you can imagine, this gets very time consuming and cumbersome. Keep in mind that when you comment on a Facebook Fan Page that the administrator probably won't see it unless they are stalking their page almost constantly. Send them a message/email/text (or you can also call--my phone number is listed on my fan page). of this morning I have deleted any photo comments that were not made in the past week (sorry!) or so. People have asked questions about price, etc. All of my pricing can be found on this site under the "Product Pricing" tab unless the item was a custom order. If you want to inquire about those, please email me. aprilforshee at gmail dot com I will work to update my photos with the appropriate link (blog post, pricing page, etc.) so that there is no confusion. Feel free to continue to comment, though, as I will check that photo comments page almost daily. I will respond to them and after a week or so, I will delete them! I think that may be a good way to manage the comments.

Have questions? Let me know!

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