Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Zippered Pouches and a Garden Apron!

I apologize in advance for the bad photography. I was in a hurry! Of course I will take some better shots on a later date.

Here's what I did today:
2010 04 April 13 Web-12

and a Garden Apron! I has three gusseted pockets perfect for gloves and tools. It's made out of IKEA canvas fabric and Kona cotton! I love it! These will be $19.50 plus tax and shipping, where applicable.
2010 04 April 13 Web-13

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  1. Lovely pouches! (not that bad photo as well - maybe just fix the level and add some light - looks good!)
    The fabric of the apron is so beautiful! Ikea sometimes hold the best patterns out there