Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Who knew it would be this much work?

I am working on a set of 6 totes and 6 small buttercup bags for a fantastic shop called Doodlebugz here in Marietta. While I am super excited about having my items in an actual store, a crazy afterthought hit me. I need my "business" to be legitimate. There ensues the paperwork, faxing (who uses fax machines anymore, anyway? scan and email, please), paying money, phone calls to people who know which forms to fill out, etc.

Of course I want to get this all done in one day, just like I want to get everything done that I can't possibly get done all in one day. I set expectations of myself that I cannot attain.

Now the things that add to my frustration of all this paperwork:
1) My computer will not shut down when I need to restart it.
2) Every office wants all this stupid paperwork FAXED to them.
3) Two out of four USB ports on my computer are not working. I need about 6 USB ports in the first place so this is cramping my style severely.
4) I am scared that I am going to get in trouble if I don't have all the necessary paperwork.
5) My "office" is so cluttered and annoying.
6) iTunes will not open.
7) It's 20 degrees outside and my toes will not warm up no matter what I do.

So here's what I did to fix these problems since I'm the type who must fix things immediately. I shopped for a new computer and have picked out the one I need/want so that when the computer dies for good I can just click in three places and voila! One of my best friends volunteered to fax my document for me. The USB port magically began working again. I called my friend Chris, who has plenty of experience starting businesses. He was a big help. He always is. About the "office"...that is going to have to wait. iTunes still won't open and it's still 20 degrees outside and my toes are still cold.

Did I mention that my beloved VW is in the shop with electrical problems that my mechanic has yet to diagnose after having it for 2 days?

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