Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Post & Giveaway!!!

I told the story of how my business started on my personal blog, so I won't repeat that since you can go there and read it!

I'm going to start with a celebratory giveaway! I'm giving away this sweet little striped apron:

You can have more than one entry by doing these things:
1 Entry: Leave a comment
2 Entries: Leave a comment + follow my blog by clicking the "follow" button on the top right (tell me that you're following in the comment)
5 Entries: Leave a comment + follow my blog + Get a friend to follow my blog (and leave a comment telling me such)

Don't forget to visit my Etsy shop here!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!

This contest will close on Tuesday, October 6 at 5pm!


  1. I, Mark Dupree, do hereby follow April's blog to the ends of the Virtual Earth and designate Lady Dunn (aka Lana Banana) as my friend.

  2. And Jackie Gray, do I get another 5 points?

  3. Ok I am new to this blog thing, but I am now following you.

  4. I love your aprons and handbags. Thinking about what I would like to get next.

  5. Hey April!! VERY cute things! If I don't win, I'm def gonna buy an apron - they are so cute and funky. Love the stuff! (Oh, and I'm following too!!!)